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Make story pointing fun with this pointing poker Jira addon. With it's unique poker table design it will feel like you're really playing a game.

Poker allows 14 players to play at the same time (per game). Maybe some members of your team are only there for information purposes rather than to participate in the pointing. No problem, they can simply just spectate.

With customisable settings per game you can automatically produce and submit the best estimates for your stories.

Choose from a range of standard scoring decks or create your own to make it unique to your team.

An integrated search facility allows you to pick which stories you wish to point. Either use Jira's JQL or pick from a predefined filter to generate a list of stories for your game.

Submit your pointing score directly to the related Jira issue within the game so there is no need to switch between web pages.

Teams can have their own games per project with their own configuration allowing for multiple teams to play at the same time in their own unique way.

A configurable story timer gives you control on how long to spend discussing each story so that you can keep to a timely manner.

Pointing stories to work on in a given sprint? Keep track of how many points by setting the velocity. This will allow you to not over commit or alternatively pull in more stories as required.

Poker Setup Guide